Erasers, 1986



shoutout to kids of colour like me who don’t speak, read, write, or understand their native language

while this isn’t to say english-speaking people don’t have privilege over those that don’t speak english, i know it can be really hard at times

we gotta sit out of family conversations because we have no idea what anyone’s saying

we get called whitewashed because we can only speak / read / write in english

we’re scolded by our older family members for not speaking the language and are made fun of when we mess up on pronunciation

that doesn’t make us any less of who we are

we are still valuable members of our culture

we’re not “whitewashed” or any other bullshit anyone tries to throw at you

you are still wonderful and amazing and your culture is yours to claim

not to mention that a lot of us experienced a lot of shame for *not* being whitewashed growing up
and were pressured to conform
and holding on too tight to your culture often meant you were ostracized by your peers
your culture is yours to claim

i keep telling myself that i need to start drawing other things because i draw so sporadically but alas

all i ever want to draw is satsuki

70 days, 19 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Cinderella Pencil Test



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